How to copy lyrics from one staff to an other ?

• Aug 23, 2015 - 11:03

I want to copy and paste the lyrics of a song to avoid typing it each time.
Is it possible ?


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Thank you so much for this Marc! I did manage to copy lyrics like this and wanted to move it to another verse. However, the tricky thing is that I want to add it as a second verse underneath the first one. I have figured out that I should hit enter to get a second line for lyrics. I was, however, not able to paste the text there. Is there a way to do that on mac?

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You can change the line for selected lyrics by entering an other verse number using the inspector. Change the existing destination first line to the second, then copy the new text into the first line, change it to the second line and the old text comes back into the first line.

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Thank you Mr Fox! I did try exactly that yesterday and I could not make it work today either. When I am moving down to the lower lyrics line, I cannot paste, while it seems that I am able to copy. It simply adds no new text when I do paste. I am on a mac if that matters?

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Being on a Mac doesn't change anything except that any time we say "Ctrl" when discussing keyboard shortcuts, you need to translate that to "Cmd".

So in order to understand what specifically you are still having trouble with, we would need you to attach your score and describe the problem in more detail - what are you are wanting to do and how you tried to do it. Then we can assist better.

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