East West Symphonic Orchestra

• Aug 25, 2015 - 01:24

Will MuseScore work with the East West Symphonic Orchestra library? Please advise. In general how would this interface?

J. Kaufman


You could also skip the exporting step by using JACK to connect MuseScore to a DAW. EWQL (and many other sound libraries) don't usually sound as good as they could when you use Musescore to generate MIDI since its MIDI capabilities are very basic. If high quality audio is what you are looking for, I would suggest generating it in the DAW.

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If you're on Mac then I would suggest using Ardour 4 - it's the only Jack aware DAW I know of on that platform (not that I'm a Mac expert).

Unless your East West VST is tied to a particular DAW then you should be able to run it in Ardour's VST system.

If it's just the sound you want, then I would recommend KXStudio's Carla as a VST host as Lasconic's already mentioned.

I'm currently working on a video which demonstrates the use of Carla on Windows - it may also be applicable to Mac.

I'm digging this thread out of the ground to ask a simple question: what good DAW would you recommend to use with this confguration (Musescore - JACK - East West) on Windows 7 (free if possible) ?

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