Incorrect Playback of Acciaccatura in v.2.0.2

• Aug 25, 2015 - 15:50
by design

I've been using MuseScore since v. 1.3, both on Windows and Mac OSes. Currently, I'm using v.2.0.2 on a Windows 8.1 64-bit OS, although I've noticed this problem on the Mac version as well. The acciaccatura playback incorrectly. While I know that playback is not the primary function of MuseScore (hence the reason I've marked it minor), what troubles me is that the older versions, specifically v.1.3, since I still use that version to an extent, play these notes back correctly. I have attached a couple of examples, Grace_Notes.mscz being just a rudimentary way of showing the playback using regular notation instead of any grace notes, and the second (Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.mscz) showing a real-world example of what I mean.



This is not a bug. It is correct in most styles of music according to most authoritative sources for the acciaccatura to be played *on* the beat. Indeed, on instruments where it is possible, it is meant to be played *simultaneously* with the main note. then immediately released, but of course this is not possible on many instruments. Like many things in music, this is not universally agreed upon, but still, it *is* the recommended interpretation according to enough sources that this has been made the default behavior.

If you prefer the alternative interpretation where they are played before the beat, you can use the Pianoroll Editor (right click a measure to access it) to alter the playback. See also the feature request for other controls: #13811: Select playback method of Grace Notes, Arpeggio & Glissando and Articulations & Ornaments. Someday there might be a more direct method to select these alternate playback styles.