Can anyone open my file again?

• Aug 26, 2015 - 14:39


yesterday I worked on a score. Today I wanted to continue working but it says, as it never said before, "can not open File.mscz.

Hopefully the score is not irrecoverable :( :(

Normaly I got several backups but sadly not in this case. I don´t know whats wrong.

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Depends on how it got that way. Did MuseScore crash? If so, then the last auto-save version from before the crash should still exist. If MuseScore did not crash, then perhaps your disk is failing, but then there might be disk recovery tools that can recover the most recently saverd version from the disk sectors it was originally saved to.

If nothing else, there should be the backup version in the same folder - file name starting with period, ending with comma, normally set to be hidden - that retains the state of the file the last time you opened it. So only the last editing sessions would be lost, but if you did that 17 hours in one session, that won't help.

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When did the cold reset happen? What type of disk do you use to save? hard drive, SSD or USB key?

We had several reports like this, but in general, users are happy to find their backup so they run away to finish their work and we don't hear about the problem anymore. It would be great if you could help us out to find the culprit.

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I use a SSD. Did it yesterday night, or early in the morning today. Forced programs like open office to close down without saving. I thought there wasn´t any hint that musescore reminded me of that. The program, if it was still running, must have been idle ( don´t know if in this score, but possible in many diffrent tabs simoultanously ).

I came home later on and just wanted to shut down the computer.

I´m not sure if this may have caused the troubles.

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