Improving the Special Characters palette (F2)

• Aug 29, 2015 - 15:49

I made some improvements in the Special Characters palette. It's in a PR. Feeback welcome.

The radio buttons and codepage are gone. The palette now contains 3 tabs.

* One for common symbols, exactly the same one that we used to be
* One for musical symbols, it currently displays the BravuraText font. A list is display on the right for direct access to Harp symbols for example.
* One for the current text font in the selected text. Similar to the All radio button before the change except it also features a list of Unicode ranges.

capture d ecran 2015-08-29 16 35 59capture d ecran 2015-08-29 16 36 24capture d ecran 2015-08-29 16 36 37


After some feedback on github, I adapted the code a bit.

* Some unicode ranges are not usable. I removed them.
* Now there is a splitter between the category list and the palette for unicode and musical symbols.
* For musical symbols I used the ranges.json file instead. Categories are more user friendly.

capture d ecran 2015-08-30 15 34 56 2

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