Crash during undo

• Jan 15, 2009 - 04:35

[Windows Vista, MuseScore ver 0.9.3]

1. Open a score than contains notes with accidentals.
2. Move a note that has an accidental. (so the accidental disappears)
3. Select undo - crash.

Also: the Save command should not be enabled for the 'demo' score unless it has first been 'saved as' something -- and if you do select save you get a rather poor error dialog: "Open Temp File", "failed: No such file or directory." The Save command can be enabled after undo -- for example if you move a note (without an accidental, so you don't get the crash above) and then undo.

[sorry if these have been addressed already, I haven't gotten to downloading the pre-release ver. yet]


I was not able to reproduce the crash you describe (using 0.9.3 or 0.9.4 prereleases). Could you provide more details. What type of accidentals are affected? Are the accidentals created using the toolbar, the accidentals palette, or the arrow keys. Are you moving the note using the mouse or the arrow keys? Does this only affect certain scores?

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Crashes for me very consistently on the demo score in 0.9.3 (and sonata 16, bach-bc2), on sharps, flats and naturals, using the mouse to move. [open demo, move any flat on first note in the 9th measure with mouse up one note, undo]

I noted (no pun intended) that on instances where I did not get a crash, often the undo only moves the note back to position without returning the accidental.

Except if I'm wrong in r1437, this is not limited to accidental note.
Arrow up on a note of the demo score -> crash
Ctrl + arrow up -> crash

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