Pause Feature

• Oct 16, 2010 - 16:02

MuseScore Version:
MuseScore Revision: 3507
Operating System: Windows XP
On my last version of MuseScore, the pause button was available, and quite useful at times. Now the button has completely disappeared! Is this a bug, or is this a "revision"? (I don't find it so).



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It's not as big of a deal now, since this new version is better, but sometimes when there is a long string of fast notes (such as 32nd or 64th that I use as a substitute for the tremolos for listening purposes (is MuseScore supposed to play tremolos?, because it doesn't.)) or high quality soundfont tones are being used for a fast part (such as polysynth or tubular bells), the speakers make a distorted sound, and I pause it to make it stop, then continue. When this is happening, the progress bar seems to get behind as well.


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I used to get distortion during playback and the progress bar lagging occasionally on my old computer. It usually means your computer is working on too many things at the same time (other task running in the background?) or you are using a SoundFont larger than your computer's memory can effectively handle. If you are using a large SoundFont try using a smaller one instead.

Tremolos do not affect playback in current versions of MuseScore.

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