hide empty staves multi-part score with multiple instruments per part has instrument name shifted left

• Sep 3, 2015 - 00:50

I'm trying 0f698fd using a multipart score where there one part (sax part in this example) has multiple parts (the 4 saxes). In the attached score, first problem I see is that the sax part doest have all the measures...only the first 11 measures are rendered, even though there are 32 measures in the score (note that meas 12-32 don't have any notes). But that sax part should display at least one empty stave, just like the other single-instrument parts display a blank staff line instead of hiding multi-staff rests) for meas 12-32:


If I enable system dividers for this mult-instrument sax part, the system dividers are displayed around the non-existant 2nd system:


Now if I create a note in any sax after meas 11, then the 2nd system is displayed in the sax part:


However, note that that "Atlo Sax." is way to the left outside of margin (again, I don't know if this is specifically related to this commit...haven't tried earlier ones yet)

EDIT: I think everything is as expected, actually, since this seems to be the same behavior if I create a multipart score and hide empty staves.

But one thing to note: it seems the the alignment of the sax instrument name was automatically corrected after I performed some edits, which I think triggered a re-layout, so I'm wondering if a full relayout needs to be triggered...

I renamed the title of this post.


Yes, it is normal that if you turn on Hide Empty Staves while you have completely empty measures, they disappear completely. So normally you wouldn't turn that option on until you are done. But see the "Never hide" option in Staff Properties to specify one or more staves to keep on these totally empty staves.

The bug with instrument names being displayed incorrectly until relayout is known - see #25168: Instrument labels incorrectly placed after hide empty staves is unchecked

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