On windows 10: popup screens don't work: for example ABC import plugin using ver 2.02 revision f51dc11

• Sep 3, 2015 - 14:36

With a new installed windows 10 laptop (fresh windows 7 pro install and then only the upgrade to windows 10) and installing Musescore 2.0.2 revision f51dc11 with even reinstalled ABC import plugin all it's just giving me is a blank screen.

Just like this reports: https://musescore.org/en/node/60151

Any clues?


ok, changed the title to be more specific.

Any plugin that uses a popup screen only shows a blanc popup screen. As seen in the link to the tread for abc import.

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Right, solved this.

The default Microsoft driver for the screen adapter worked, well sort off worked for windows 10 default programmes.
It turns out that after installing the specific hardware drivers, in this case ATI 1150 driver for windows 10, it works with any popup screen from MuseScore.

What still strange to me, all other programs worked with their popup screens, (i use several open source software, such as libreoffice) only MuseScore didn't.
What's then different in the use off popup screen by MuseScore?

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I believe the dialog for the ABC plugin uses OpenGL to render its content. The same for any plugin in MuseScore 2. The other dialogs in MuseScore are not. The fact that any other open source software are not behaving the same than MuseScore is just normal, they are not made by the same people or using the same core technology. "Open source" is not the name of the company :)

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Well then, if MuseScore is using OpenGL to open content, it might be a bad implementation?
On the same laptop I use Libreoffice which also uses OpenGL for it's spreadsheet, yet that didn't gave me any problem at all.

That has nothing to do with Open Source or any company indeed. But might be a simple incorrect setting or even an outdated OpenGL Library?

At least we have a workaround: install the display driver and don't use the default windows driver.

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