slurs default at the wrong side

• Sep 6, 2015 - 20:03

Although very easy to change (flip by pressing x), in my experience slurs are almost always adde at the "wrong" side. They should be at the side of the note head and not at the side of the stems and flags unless necessary of course. So Musescore should be default choose the side of the note head.
I never enter slurs during (midi) note input, maybe it works better then>


MuseScore obeys the standard rule: if all stems are in the same direction, the slur goes to the notehead side, but when stems are mixed, the slur goes above.

If you found a cas that doesn't obey the rules posted by Marc, it's probably a bug so feel free to share it so we can take a look.

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No idea how you enter this but if I enter exactly the same beat 1 with 3 A S C S E S A S I get the slurs below the notes (so the noteheads). Idem if I enter the 16th and apply the slur later. How did you enter this measure? You can probably that the default is good if you select a slur and press Ctrl+R to put it at the default side.

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Ctr+R does not help. I think what might be the case that this line is moving from one staff to the other. So perhaps I entered it on the lower staff and then moved it up but I cannot see that anymore. Never mind: I love the key x!

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I think what is happening in this case is much simpler to understand, and not incorrect - there are multiple voices present, and in those cases, the usual rule is, slurs go to the outside (above for the upstem voices, below the the downstem voices). This rule of course casn't always produce optimal results, so it can occasionally be necessary to override it, but it *is* the usual rule to be followed when the specific conditions don't demand a different approach.

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