Drum notation doesn't work

• Jan 17, 2009 - 04:19

I'm using musescore version 9.4 at the moment, I did no modification to the software and everything else works fine but when I drag notes to the persussion section, they don't go on, they do not work, any solutions or explanations?


Drum input is still under construction and subject to change. Right now mouse input works like this in the prereleases for 0.9.4

  1. Click on a note or rest on the drumset staff
  2. Press "N" to begin note entry
  3. Click on a note in the drum palette
  4. If necessary, select a duration from the note entry toolbar
  5. Click on drumset staff to add note to score

If you have not worked with voices before you should read up on that too.

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Right click into an empty part of a measure to get the context popup. Select "staff properties" and toggle "use drumset". The sidebar shows all drum instruments defined in the drum set. Every staff can have a separate drumset. To see the right drumset select a note/rest in the apropriate staff. If a "normal" staff is selected, the drum palette will be empty.


bedankt voor de hulp

maar deze werkt ook niet helemaal, ik kan nu minder dan voorheen. ik krijg telkens een error en het programma sluit zichzelf af. na enkele keren opnieuw opstarten lukt het mij dan wel en ik kan een nieuwe drumpartij starten.

maar enkel een nieuwe partij, wanneer ik een oude partij wil openen sluit hij zichzelf wel weer af.

groeten van karel


Tanks for the help.
but this version does not work, I can now do almost nothing, I always get an error and closes after a few times ... it works good after a few times starting up and I can start a drumpart,

but only when I start an new score.

when I open an old score it does not works an he turns himself off

greats from Karel

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