Courtesy Clefs should not display if section break occurs on non-measure measure frame

• Sep 17, 2015 - 08:35

In the attached score:


notice that the courtesy clef is displayed at final measure of a section that ends with a non-measure (e.g. v_frame or h_frame), but I don't think the courtesy clef should be displayed.

I believe the issue occurs because I suspect the code to determine if a courtesty clef should be displayed at end of section is only looking if the current measure has a section break on it, but is not looking to see if subsequent MeasureBase objects in the score's measure list have a section break. So I think I know how to fix. In fact I've coded such a function I could use here, which examines subsequent MeasureBase objects to determine if a measure is really is final actual measure of a section.

Tested on musescore 2.0.2 and latest b376184


Wait, never mind. I didn't understand that the frame had a section break. It looked at first like you were saying the frame itself should disable courtesy clefs. Sorry for the confusion.

Here's what I originallly wrote:

I disagree. Maybe there exist situations where you don't want it, but there surely also exist ones where you do. The courtesy clef should remain there by default but if a user wishes to hide it, he can.

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