copy text in special style in small staff causes crash

• Sep 19, 2015 - 01:03

test of copy.mscz
When I copy rit. in m30, top part, to rest in m110, top part, it appears correctly, but Save causes MuseScore to close. In case it matters, I put the text in the small staves into a special style ("Small staff") by selecting all similar elements in the same staff and then picking "Small staff" in the Inspector.


I think the problem has to do with the linked parts - the custom text style does not exist in the part. I guess probably you created the style after generating the part? Probably that needs to automatcially be reflected in the part.

Please file an official bug report on this, using "Help / Report a Bug" from within MuseScore.

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I'd be glad to submit a bug report, but I was working entirely in the score. That's why I had a special style for text in small staves. I never consciously generated the parts though they are there. Oh, now I think I understand, a little anyway. Yes, I created the style after the text was already attached to the small staves. When I do submit, should I attach the file? Btw, MuseScore now says it cannot read and will not open the file from which I extracted the file I sent. I don't see how to send a report on that, though I will try to be aware of just what the steps were if it happens again. Could the file be corrupted without MuseScore telling me?

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Well, *someone* must have generated those parts. Was the score created in a 1.x release? If so it might have happened them even though it had a very different concept of parts. Anyhow, yes, attach the score and give the steps, and include a link to this discussion.

Hard to say about the other problem without more information.

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