Concern about phamaceutical spam using musescore forum functions

• Nov 6, 2010 - 14:45

I received the following from

Greetings, jfmontclair.
| Your subscription on MuseScore notifies you of new comments
| Title: "Key Signature - Can't insert" by jfmontclair
| --------------------------------------------------------------------
| New comment
| Title: "buy diflucan" by lenaUmcfarland

--Removed by moderator--


In reply to by Thomas

Mollom has just added an interesting defence. On the basis that this sort of spam attack auto-fills all fields on a form, mollom now adds an input field hidden in CSS. If it finds any content in this field on submission it is considered spam.

In reply to by Thomas

Mollom is not viable. I post in between 10 and 50 messages a day on this forum, I'm not a bot and I have to enter a captcha every time. It will drive me mad, very soon. Moreover, the captcha does not seem to avoid the spam since we have been under attack every morning last week and if Mollom blocks the spam he didn't prevent the posting.
I don't know how it works under the wood, but please, remove this captcha :)

Hope mollom will let me post this...

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You can only post messages on the forum as registered users. So the spam attacker first passes the captcha on the registration form (which is done manually) and then floods the forum with a script.

For now, Mollom is in place, but I hope to tweak it with a solution to skip the Mollom check for users who are registered more than X time and who have successfully posted Y comments.

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