SoundFont for classical guitar

• Nov 7, 2010 - 15:25

Does anybody know where I can download and use in musescore a good
soundfont for classical guitar? The one MuseScore is using is ‘just acceptable’.
I also downloaded and tried FluidR3 but their guitar sounds also ‘just acceptable’.
With ‘classical guitar’ I mean a nylon stringed acoustical guitar.


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Thanks lasconic. I downloaded the tar file, decompressed it (ProTrax_Classical_Guitar.sf2) and after putting it to the correct folder (via Display-Synthesyzer....) I cannot hear any sound when clicking on 'Play'.
Am I forgetting something?

This is my updated 2017 SF!Ak3my7DMqFTZmzUWGgaj4oLASZMM

You can check classical guitar sound in the solo from this recording, the other instruments are from different VSTi (Halion, ADD2):

Im using cubase 5 with samplelord and other VSTi for this type of sequencing not musescore, but soundfont can be use in any compatible host with soundfonts like musescore or VirtualMidiSynth but this one is bigger than my 2015 SF. I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

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I tried it out on lmms and I wanted to now try it in musescore. I've managed to put it in the synthesizer, but when I click change staff property and try to change the instrument from there, it doesn't show up. Any tips?

Edit. Actually, nevermind. Figured it out.

Can somebody share a drive link of YAMAHA ProTrax Classical Guitar Soundfont or other good, because the site doesn't work for me and i can't found the soundfont anywhere? Thanks! ^^

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