Repeat or copy on bar with multiple voices and a clef fails and renders bars unusable

• Nov 16, 2010 - 23:05
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce:

1. Enter notes for voice 1 into a measure.
2. Enter notes for voice 2 into the same measure.
3. Add a clef to some note in voice 1, but after the first note of voice 2.
4. Try to duplicate the measure with the repeat shortcut or via copy & paste.

Expected result: The measure, including the clef, should be duplicated.
Actual result: The copied measure is split into two at the position of the clef, the clef itself is not copied. The split bars have a shorter length than the surrounding bars, rendering them unusable. Deleting the contents of the split bars does not alter their wrong lengths. Copying empty bars into them has strange effects I don't understand.

I hope, this bug report is more useful than the last one ;).

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I can reproduce with and it's destroy the timing even after undo. I put the bug on critical.

I cannot reproduce with the current trunk. In the trunk, I got the expected behavior you described but I wonder if it's good. If you copy paste the first measure in the second measure, the clef is already G so the clef changes does not need to be copied. What do you think?

Is it recommended for a normal user like me to checkout the current trunk? If so, I would try my luck and test it.

I think the expected behaviour could be good in some situations. I'll describe the situation I had: I wanted to write a bar in the right hand part of a piano score where there is a deep bass note at the beginning of the bar that is held out with the sustain pedal and higher melody notes which need a treble clef. This bar is repeated, so I actually need the bass clef at the beginning of the repeated bar and the treble clef in front of the repeated melody notes. I can very well live with the bass clef not being automatically repeated if I didn't insert it manually into the original bar, but I think a manually inserted clef should be repeated.
Consider for example the case where I repeat this bar even further. Then I could insert the bass clef into the first repeated bar and repeat this bar a few more times. In this case, it is optimal if the two manually inserted clefs are repeated also.
There are cases, where it is unnecessary to repeat the clef, but I think in those cases it is harmless.

A build of the trunk is made every night and available at It's not intended for normal use (at all). You can install it together with a stable version of MuseScore like but don't use it for normal work. A score created with a nightly build will not be compatible with MuseScore

Regarding the bug, the bass clef is not carried out by the copy paste. So the first whole note should be "transposed" on the right line. If not it sounds weird. You see what I mean?

Ok, I will just wait until it becomes a release.

The note value (the sound) of the repeated note should of course stay the same, so for example in my case the bass note should be displayed with a lot of auxiliary lines. Then I could, if I want, add an additional bass clef in the repeated bar for the bass note and it looks good again and sounds right. Is this not the behaviour in the latest trunk?

This is fixed in version 1.0. But unfortunately, clefs are not being repeated by the repeat function. But this is another issue.