Flutter Tougue

• Sep 26, 2015 - 10:17

Aside from putting just the tremolo, is there a way to make winds flutter tongue? like the strings pizz?
the tremolo just sounds weird to me


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I've been able to simulate tonguing to a limited extent choosing soundfonts where notes are played tongued. So any note you play will be tongued any time. Then I use a soundfont editor like Viena or Polyphone and create another program on the soundfont exactly like the tongued one. Then I go the parameters of the new program/or preset and add a value to env. attack to reduce attack time and simulate non-tongued notes.
Next, it's just a matter of changing programs while playing.
However the results are very limited. SF2 is not very good for wind and bowed instruments. SF2 works better with keyboards.

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Trumpet works the way it does because this is pre-programmed in the isntruments.xml file. You can create your own customized version of this file and tell MuseScore to use it via Edit / Preferences / Score, but there's no no need to go to all that trouble. Simply use the "Instrument" text from the palette instead of regular staff text, and then you can change sounds to anything you like using the Mixer.

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