staff spacer affects all staves on page?

• Sep 28, 2015 - 23:13

Musescore 2.0.2:
The staff spacer tool, from breaks + spacers pallette - it spaces out ALL the staves on the page, instead of just the space after the one into which it is inserted.



That should not be the case; something else must be going on to create that illusion. Perhaps the fact that staves are spaced up to the maximum distance given on Style / General / Page.

If that does not help, please post the specific score you are having problems with and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

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Marc - I got it to behave as expected by setting the min+max staff distance to the same values.

I didn't know about the new min-max structure, but when I worked with it some more, I saw it was re-spacing other staves too. With a little searching I discovered the min-max and set them the same.

I'm good now - thanks + sorry for any trouble.

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Marc, thanks very much for your willingness to look at it. By this point I've changed enough on the score that it'd be too hard to go back to try to give you a version that would duplicate the situation. With much appreciation, I'll post a file if I run into it in the future.
thanks again.

Was there a lot of room beneath the bottom system and the bottom of the page? Using a staff spacer when systems are close to filling the page will usually force a page fill, evenly spacing all systems.

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Thanks for coming back on it. I don't think it was page auto-fill because the space between all staves was increasing as I widened the local spacer. But, I've made a bunch of changes to the score so I can't test/duplicate it now. I got what I wanted by making system distance min = max.

BTW, I can't locate "page auto-fill threshold" in MS2. Am I correct in guessing that page autofill threshold doesn't exist in MS2, replaced by system distance min+max?

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You are correct. The old behavior was all or nothing - either you go the minimum distance, or it expanded to completely fill the page. The new behavior gives you more control, allowing you to have, say, half-full pages of 5 systems that have wider spacing than totally full pages of 10 systems, but not so wide those 5 systems take up the full page.

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Marc thanks for clarifying + makes sense. Still finding my way thru v2.

While I'm on, I want to say a big thank you to you + the whole dev + admin team. This is a great application and a real contribution to the music community. Android Songbook is especially useful - the ability to transpose a score on the fly on the tablet is real big in the jam sessions that I play in often. Musicians and especially singers are all over the place on keys. With MS2 scores, Songbook seems to be rendering scores consistently very nicely.

Kudos, bravo, and thanks very much.

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