font issue w MS1 PDF print, after MS2 install

• Sep 29, 2015 - 18:03

I installed MS2.0.2 yesterday.
I opened a pre-existing score in MS1 today and changed the size + color of 1 rest, closed it, and went to print it to PDF using PDFCreator. It appears to have printed employing a different font.

Files attached:
mscz file
the PDF printed before installing MS2
the PDF printed after installing MS2, with the apparent font problem

I'll sure appreciate any help.


It'd be better to attach the files here that to Point to some external site...

Do you possible have the Fonts installed that MuseScore uses? MuseScore has them built in, but uses installed ones if there are any and if those are different from the builtin ones, you'd see efffects line this. Look for installed fonts with the names of MScore, MScore1, Emmentaler, Bravura, BravuraText and remove them.

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Thank you for pointing out to attach files here, I didn't know that was possible.

Those fonts do not appear to be installed. I looked in \Windows\fonts.

I did a "Export as" PDF and that came out OK so that may be the easiest + best solution. The file is 45kB, vs 22kB from PDFCreator, but presumably I can adjust that with output resolution or something.

Thanks again.

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better with the local attachments, thanks.

Oh, I see, you were using a PDF Printer. Hmm, there are onse that worka and ones hat don't, ISTR that Adobe's didn't work.
The differences in size maybe due to having the fonts embededed in the PDF or not, which would also explain the bad rendering

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