Copying and pasting

• Sep 29, 2015 - 20:36

Is it possible to copy and paste notes without their lyrics?
For example, in a typical 32 bar standard in the AABA format, the notes of bars 1 to 8 are usually repeated in bars 9 to 16 and again in bars 25 to 32, but with different lyrics.
The ability to do this would save a fair amount of tedious deleting of the lyrics in these bars in order to enter the different ones.


Also, even if you've already copied the notes with the lyrics, it's easy enough to delete the lyrics later. For example, select the regio, right click on lyric, Select / All similar elements in range selection. Between the Select right click menu and the Selection filter, there really be very few cases where you can't select, delete, copy, or paste exactly what you need without any tedious one-by-one operations.

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