Creating parts with cross staff barlines crash

• Dec 7, 2010 - 03:29
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Reference attached score - first 2 instruments "create parts" works with no problems - selecting any other instruments causes MuseScore to close completely.

Version R3507 on Mac OSX 10.6.3 - 2.8ghz quad-core, 4GB Ram

Love the software - but need to create parts from score asap.

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I've succeeded without issue on saving out parts from same score file on a different PC - Windows 7, 64Bit. So this issue is definately Mac specific. I also noticed the overall performance of the application is superior on the Windows 7 system, though the hardware is similar to my Mac above.

I can reproduce with your file on Mac 10.5.8 with MuseScore 9.6.3. I can create parts with multiple instruments - let's say all the clarinets, all the trumpets and so on. But when creating part from individual instruments program crashes with flute.

Title Parts: Crash on Create Parts Creating parts with cross staff barlines crash

I believe the problem is the cross staff barlines, more precisely the repeat barline. If you cut them, it doesn't crash.
It's fixed in r3745 & r3746