Javascript plugins - no longer usable in 2.0??

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I have a number of Javascript (*.js) plugins that I used in the earlier incarnation of MuseScore, but MuseScore 2 doesn't recognize them. I've trolled around and can't find any clear references as to whether these are just no longer supported or I just can't figure out how to make them visible.

If no longer supported, if there some sort of conversion to the new qml format, or some documentation for the new qml format?

Thanks much for any guidance.


You are correct that the old plugins don't work any more. Best way to get information on the new framework is to open the Plugin Creator from within MuseScore and see the online help.

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Thanks for the response, but I suspect I may be missing something or have become a bit senile.

When I open the Plugin Creator, I can create some sample code that works to the extent that I can fudge things from the samples provided. Pressing the ? brings up a side panel that I assumed was probably an local copy of a manual or help with MuseScore API calls or something, but nothing at all appears there. I tried highlighting a keyword or two, but still nothing there.

I've trolled the web and found lots of material on QML, but nothing at all related to the 2.x version of MuseScore (lots of stuff with warnings that it is only applicable to the 1.0 branch).

So, my question is: where can I locate documentation on MuseScore objects, their properties, and any limitations on valid values, e.g. graceChords.length (from one of the supplied examples) seems understandable enough, but I tried guessing what key signature might be called, for instance, and had no luck (and that's assuming key signature is a viewable/readable thing in the first place.

The plugins all seem to require the "import MuseScore 1.0" so I looked for something like that, figuring it contained headers or similar, but can't find that anywhere.

Any pointers?

Thanks much.

P.S. I should mention that MuseScore is about the most "usable" program of its sort that I've used, and that includes a lot of products over the past thirty years!

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Pressing the "?" icon in Plugin Creator is supposed to display the reference. By default you should see a list of the elements types, each a link to the appropriate documentation (Accidental, Ambitus, Arpeggio, ...). Clicking a link should work normally. There should also be a "Home" button to take you back to that main page if for some reaosn you are currently viewing a different page.

If this does not resemble what you see, can you post a screenshot? Also, what OS are you on? If Linux, which variant, and how did you install MuseScore?

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Hi Mark:

That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, so you seem to be on target.

I'm using a new installation of 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04.3 (I had 14.04.2 but moved to a new SSD so decided to reinstall everything fresh), and downloaded musescore using the ppa:mscore-ubuntu/musescore-stable rather than the version in the Ubuntu repository, since that usually contains older versions of most things.

When I checked the Ubuntu software center, however, I see that the version number for MuseScore (2.0.2) seems to be the same.

In Preferences, the folder for plugins is listed as "/home/foberle/.local/share/data/MuseScore/MuseScore2/plugins" and in Update, "Check for new.." is selected.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Yes, the manual folder does indeed seem to be missing from the PPA Ubuntu distribution of 2.0.2.

I just tried copying the manual->plugins folder from my windows MS 2.0.2 install to Ubuntu and it seems to work fine. Here's the procedure:

1. Make sure Musescore 2 is not running.

2. Extract the contents of the attached (see below) compressed 7z file (you'll see a folder called "manual", and inside that, another one called "plugins")

3. Copy/Paste the entire folder (manual) to:
(N.B. Pasting this to your home->Musescore 2 folder instead won't work)

4. Start Musescore 2 - you should then be able to see the contents of the Help files from within the Plugin Creator window.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks much. That did the trick.

If this can't be corrected by the packagers in a timely manner, it might be good to point out that this copying needs to be done as root - whether by starting Nautilus from the command line with "sudo nautilus" or directly copying with sudo from the command line. The target directory /usr/share/mscore-2.0 can't be written to by the normal user.

I would assume that someone writing any sort of code - even for a MuseScore plugin - would likely know how to do that, but maybe not; at least if it's mentioned they would know what to look for when their regular copy didn't do anything.

Again, thanks to you and Marc for the troubleshooting and the solution.

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You're welcome.

Hopefully the issue will be corrected by the package manager, especially since I suspect the installation of any stable release update will overwrite the usr/share/mscore-2.0 directory anyway. If it's not fixed, then there's a possibility that the whole procedure may need to be done again after future updates.

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