More Percussion Sounds and Percussion Improvement

• Dec 13, 2010 - 01:27

"Is there a way that you guys could add more perucssion sounds? It would help with feedback and playback when making music. Also, can we make cresendos and decresendos be used during playback. I know that the dynamincs work, but can we have those things work as well. Also, trills, and make fermatas work. If you guys can do this, it would help make my experience, and I bet a lot of other people's experiences, better.




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I recently put a lot of effort into a marching percussion sound upgrade (located at navigate to the "composition" page). The hardest part about this effort was to get a balanced sound sample inserted into the sound font. If you have recordings of the percussion sounds that you can forward to me, I will balance them out, name them, and get them inserted into the soundfont. I will also update the instruments.xml file so that these notes appear on the pallette.


Mike S.

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Mike, have you seen my notes on the Drumline extension in Soundfonts?

Multiple soundfont support is coming in MuseScore 2.0, so we will have the ability to split the Drumline stuff off into it's own SoundFont.

You might also like to look at the extensions I made to the Drumline for a guy needing multiple cymbals and hihats for a score - more info here:-

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