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• Oct 5, 2015 - 21:02

Since I bought Marc Sabatella's handbook (and 'Behind Bars, wow!) and received it last week I discovered some new things. For beams: the 'horizontal' check box in the inspector. Much easier than manually correcting some (incorrectly!) sloping beams. It would be nice to asign a shortcut to this check box.
At other places this horizontal is called: flatten beams, confusing...

Example of incorrectly sloping beam:
Schermafbeelding 2015-10-05 om 21.57.51.png
There is no reason at all (I think?) for the second group in each bar to have a beam going down, this happens more often.

I am very happy with 'Mastering Musescore'! It would be nice to have a much more complete index so for instance I could find back 'local layout', now not under local nor layout. Nevertheless I found it by reading the book;-)


I second the motion for a horizontal shortcut, especially if it could be done without leaving the Palettes tab. Is there a way to define a shortcut for something not on the Shortcuts list?

I would prefer to have a better beaming algorithm by default if necessary. The flatten beam option is not really intended to be used every 2 groups of notes.

Should we change that "Horizontal" in the beam inspector to "Flattened" or "Flat" or the "Flatten all beams" in the edit style dialog to something else (what?)

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I guess you weren't asking me, but answering as a user, I prefer horizontal as a word, but then I'm a mathy type. Flat has other connotations. Of course they are irrelevant, and flat can mean only one thing applied to beams. Once you realize, it's all the same.

I find I often want to flatten (nicer verb than horizontalize) beams, especially those with several notes in a non-monotonic sequence. I think a minimum slope option would save a lot of time, whatever form it took, especially in the absence of a shortcut.

I now see why I was confused, at least on my Mac (up to date) the letters are grey(ed out) so it looks as if you cannot use it...
Schermafbeelding 2015-10-09 om 18.36.25.png
strange? But you CAN check the box!

I have tried out all the examples in "Behind bars" pp 17-23, everything is correct apart from the repeating triplet pattern (page 22), the beams should be flat (horizontal;-) Schermafbeelding 2015-10-09 om 19.46.26.png
And most of the angles are too steep (sloping too much):
Schermafbeelding 2015-10-09 om 19.46.33.png
Better looking:
Schermafbeelding 2015-10-09 om 19.53.07.png

Everything could be manually corrected but I think Musescore could do better in this respect.

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As long as I seem to be in this thread, I will comment that I think that beams are very often about half a space nearer the note heads than looks right to me. It is very clear in 8th-note scales and repeated notes, where the stems including the beams are shorter than quarter-note stems would be. I don't change it because it is consistent and there would be too many. There may be a reason for it, but possibly there should be an option. I don't agree about the steepness of the angles in the example, btw.

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