Local time signatures: is copy-n-paste supposed to work?

• Oct 11, 2015 - 23:59

Context: github master at commit 7335502 (2015-10-07), self compiled with Qt lib 5.3 under Linux Mint 17.2

Note: The examples given below have little sense per se; they are just tests to explore the possibility to have in a score (the same music in) different metres; the use case in mind are combinations of lute originals and guitar transcriptions, as values are sometime halved during the adaptation process.

The common case is to have the lute original in tablature, but I'll use standard staves thoroughly to reduce the variables at play.


  1. create a 3/4 score with two standard staves
  2. set a local time signature of 3/2 in the first staff
  3. enter some music in the first staff: the note values are in accord the local time signature: so far, so good (see attached sample score 1)
  4. enter some music (actually the same music) in the second staff : note values are again in accord with the (global) time signature: so far, so good (attached sample score 2)
  5. delete everything from the second staff
  6. select the two measure from the first staff and copy them to the second staff. The expected result would be something quite similar to the second example, taking into account the relationship between the local and the global time signatures. Actual result (attached sample score 3):


where the first two measures below correspond to the first measure above unscaled and the other measures below vaguely correspond to the second measure above with apparently random values and corrupted measure total value.

I also tried the opposite: using the 3/2 time signature of the top staff as global and setting a local 3/4 for the bottom staff. By entering some notes in the top staff and copying them to the bottom staff, I get (attached sample score 4):

where again the notes are not scaled to the local time signature and the resulting measures have a wrong total value.


  1. Is anything of the above supposed to work?
  2. Or copying and pasting across local time signatures is not supported?
  3. Shouldn't it?




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