Typing # directly from the Kb

• Dec 28, 2010 - 14:30

Using IMac system at the moment I’m not able to type in the charachter # directly from my Kb:
let try to explain

If I am in TextEdit Program ( Word Processor for IMac) I usually press the Alt key + the key # and it’s all
I can normally get the # on the screen

but in MuseScore the way explained below "doesn’t work” if I need to Write i.e. C7 #5 I’m not able to get # directly fro Kb
is there anybody that could explain how can I get simply the # characther


I think I might see what you mean. I want to distinguish between what I will call the number symbol and the sharp. The number symbol being what I type, and the sharp being the re-done symbol it's supposed to become.
What I notice is, typing F#, the number symbol becomes sharp, while after typing C7#5 or C7(#5), the number symbol stays as the number symbol.

Is this what you mean? If so, I agree, seems that should be fixed.
If you can't even get the number symbol, that I don't understand, because it works for me.

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my problem is:
I want to write the chords ( after selecting note & pressing cmd+k) directly from Kb
without using Property Harmony

so for me # symbol is the “Sharp” symbol
but it seems with IMac ( or the Kb of my IMac) I’m not able to write the “Sharp” symbol into any chords so I’m forced to use every time Property Harmony in order to get the sharp symbol “#”

the symbol ( or charachter # ) doesn’t works ( or I can’t find how can I get it) even if I want to write it as a text or lirycs

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