Range select -> "Notes" button in the Inspector: behavior with grace notes

• Oct 28, 2015 - 15:20

If a range is selected, naturally the Inspector is mostly empty, because multiple different types of elements are selected. The "Notes" button that then displays in the Inspector will change the selection to a list selection of all the notes in the range, with the idea that one type of element will be selected and Inspector options can be applied to all of them. However, if the range selection includes any grace notes, this basically fails: notes and grace notes are selected, and the Inspector does not update. Is this intended behavior, or a bug? If a bug, what should the expected behavior be?


As I recall, there was a bug where bad things happened if you edited the "segment" properties for a grace note, so I think there was a deliberate choice to exclude grace notes from selections of this nature. Something like that.

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So, if a grace note is distinguished from a normal note (which I would argue it already is in a number of ways, even before this specific coding distinction), shouldn't it be excluded from this particular selection function? Otherwise, the only way to fully enable the Inspector is to go through and one by one [Ctrl]-click/[Cmd]-click each grace note to take them out of the list selection of notes.

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