Need name of the song

• Oct 30, 2015 - 20:23

Hello, it's not connected with MuseScore so I'm not sure if it shoulb be here, but I'm looking for one piece(probably) from Harry Potter films. This piece begin with acoustic guitar, then choir join and sing latin words with staccato, later join brass and choir then sing legato.

I know it's not too much, but I swear I was listening ALL HP soundtracks from 1st movie to thel las and I can't find it. Can somebody help?


The only one I can think of that roughly fits your description is "In Noctem" from the Half-Blood Prince but it starts with a Celeste or similar sound. When Ginny kisses Harry there is a bit with guitar.

Hi, sadly it's not this song :(

but thanks for help :)

This song isn't calm, is a bit epic. I have it recorded on my dvd, maybe I will upload it to youtube. When I first heard it, I immediately thought about Harry Potter, but maybe I'm wrong?

You also wrote that it was probably from a Harry Potter film. Now you're sure there are no renditions of Carmina Burana that don't start with a guitar. Are you able to use MuseScore to create part of the intro or part of the theme and post the score?

One is from a historical drama series full of nepotism, cliqueness, scheming, corruption, murder and intrigue and the other is from the Borgias.

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