How do I extend the length of a measure (not musically speaking)?

• Jan 8, 2011 - 02:55

When I finished editing some music, the notes were bunched together, making the originally 4 page music one page. Unfortunately, this makes sight-reading difficult. How do I extend the length of a measure (not musically speaking)?


If you just want to change the layout of 1 or 2 bars, use Breaks and spacers in the pallet menu.

If you want to set the whole piece to a set number of bars per stave, go to Style> Edit General Style> System, and you will see a place to set the # of bars/stave.

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Date 13 December 2019 - 8 years later. I have tried this - these options are not available as listed above. May we have updated information please. I have been through all the listed options and I am unable to find the answer.

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The old inflexible option to force breaks every X bars throughout the entire score regardless of pickups, voltas, or any other exceptions was indeed removed and replaced with the much more flexible Format / Add/Remove System Breaks command, that works on a selection, so you can have different formatting in different parts of your score if you want (and most real-world uses of such a feature do require this).

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