About Trombone Sound......

• Nov 4, 2015 - 10:57

I put the piccolo trombone on my score, (I put piccolo and changed name and I changed the sound to the trombone.) but some high sound is not working. (like D7) I think Muse score's sound is very good, but please fix this error.


D7? As in three octaves above middle C? Trombones cannot normally play anywhere near that high, so there are no no sound samples in the soundfont to use. You would need to find a specialty soundfont that included samples of someone using that intrument. Or just substitute another another instrument's sound in the Mixer window.

If you want to go up to D7 on a trombone preset, download Polyphone or Viena and stretch the upper range, it will sound bad, but it will give you the note.

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