Can't login to under Windows 10 with IE

• Nov 5, 2015 - 13:32

I run Windows 10 on several machines at home, all upgraded from Windows 7, and can access and log into under IE11 without issues. However, my two work PC's that were reimaged cleanly with Windows 10 can't log into MS under IE. I've tried Compatibility mode and several security options, but no go. Firefox works fine, but I don't consider that a solution.

Here's the chain of events I see:

1. I go to I need to login, so I click the login option.

2. I get brought to with the login prompt. (Note the 'destination=frontpage')

3. I log in with my credentials and am brought to with a 'Page not found' error. I am logged into (not where I wanted to be) but not

When I login using FireFox, the page on point #2 is which works. Using this link does't work under IE

Any ideas on how to correct this?


Hi schepers, you said I go to I need to login, so I click the login option.. Where is this link exactly on the page? Can you make a screenshot?

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I fixed the Windows 10 in the green button. Thanks for making it clear that wasn't working.

As for the other problem: schepers, can you check if you are running IE in compatibility mode?

Edit: I suspect that you are running in this mode since the logo and the search button are not placed well. This mode should only be needed for very particular reasons, so if you shut it off, try login again.

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The button still shows no OS for me.

I've tried running both in and out of compatibility mode. No change to any placement. Since these are factory clean systems I wouldn't expect any ActiveX extras, and I certainly haven't installed anything.

with FireFox 43.0b1, denying permission of NoScript, the answer is "page not found".
Check if you have some addons installed.
I mean obviously with EI, eg. ActiveX Filtering

Well, an interesting breakthrough. By default IE11 does have the "display intranet sites in Compatibility View" enabled. However, I always thought that "intranet" meant only sites on my local network, not general internet. I checked the site with F12, and I would see "HTML1202: is running in Compatibility View because 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View' is checked." with it enabled. I've unchecked it and things are working again.

Do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of what "intranet" is?

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