Possible to play midi keyboard without entering Note Input mode?

• Feb 2, 2009 - 06:17

I often want to work out a part on the midi keyboard before actually entering notes into a score, but the moment I play a key MuseScore jumps into Note Input mode and starts entering notes. I think it would be groovy to be able to toggle in and out of Note Input mode (with the N key?) while retaining use and sounds of the midi keyboard.

Perhaps this is already possible somehow and I've just missed it?


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Hmmm... I'm experiencing the same thing with 0.9.4 - RC r1484 on XP. MIDI input always happens regardless of the state of the icon. Actually I even tried unchecking the "Enable MIDI input" box in the preferences, but it does not stop MIDI input either -- even after a program restart.

Our MIDI keyboards have probably mutated and become self-aware and now cannot be stopped by mere icons and checkboxes!

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Thanks for fixing the midi input toggle issue -- seems to work great now! Going back to my original post, I still can't see a way to hear midi keyboard sounds without note entry happening. It was suggested that toggling the Midi Input icon might accomplish this (which led to the bug fix), however disabling Midi Input also seems to prevent midi signals from reaching the internal synth. Is there a way to keep midi input enabled (to be able to hear sounds) but toggle in and out of Note Entry Mode as needed to work out a part before entering? I was hoping that pressing N would accomplish this, but mscore seems to jump right back into Note Entry Mode whenever it receives a midi signal. If this is not currently possible could it be implemented?

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