Buttons in tool bar and tempo adjustment

• Jan 12, 2011 - 18:11
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

In the tool bar, cut, copy, paste and delete buttons would be very user-friendly.

It would be also very useful to be able adjust the tempo in an easier way than the cursor in the player window: why not being able to enter directly the value desired or to increase or decrease the value 1 by 1 in a cell with up and down arrows.



It is worth recording that it *is* possible to enter a tempo directly - using Tempo Text, which is the proper way to control tempo. If anything, I think it should be harder, not easier, for users to shoot themselves in the foot by using the play panel tempo scaling controls rather than the correct method of changing tempo "for real". That is, I think the play panel should *only* show percentages and not BPM, thus making it more clear that BPM is set directly somewhere else. Besides, the BPM display in the play panel is useless anyhow if the score contains tempo changes within it.


Yes you can close this, for the tempo it is OK.

But I suggest that copying a multi measures selection through the contextual menu obtained by a right click be possible. The right click changes the selection to one measure ...


Not sure what version or OS you tested on, but in 1.2, right click works fine on a selection. You do have to click on am actual note or reat - right clicking an empty spot does indeed reset selection, just as left clicking does. Note also the standard OS shortcuts for copy and paste (eg, ctrl-C / ctrl-V on Windows). Although I guess you are for some reason trying to avoid use of the keyboard?

My PC has Windows XP SP3.
Usually, with Windows applications, a right click in a multiple selection does not change the selection ...
With MuseScore a multi-measures selection becomes a one measure selection !
And so I use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V which are always efficient.