Problem with flats and sharp chordnames not in superscript

• Nov 15, 2015 - 20:25

Hey everybody,

As the title says I have an issue with flats and sharps in chordnames.
When editing a chordname the flats and sharps are nicely superscripted, but afterwards they are not. See the attached image, that sould make it clear what I mean. (With sharps it's exactly the same)

The font i'm using (Inkpen2 Chords) does the superscripting automatically (even in word a b looks like a flat and a # is automatically superscripted), could that have something to do with it?

Is there a way to remedy this?
(Maybeusing a custom .xml file for chord appearence? I'm looking at those now, but can't really figure out how to do this)

Thanks in advance,

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Isn't supposed the flat and sharp symbols should appear as non-superscript characters? ???

I can't remember a "professional" music score with those symbols as superscripts.

Just my humble opinion.

Greetings & Blessings from Chile


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The specific typesetting of chord symbols is not standardized at all. I would say the majority of jazz scores are published with superscripting and other fancy formatting. Pop / rock music is generally published with less. Of course, classical music rarely uses chord symbols at all.

I assume the font you mention is not SMuFL compliant, so yes, if you want to use it, you'd need to create a custom XML file to teach MuseScore where it keeps symbols like flat and sharp - otherwise it will substitute one from a built in font.

FYI, the letter "b" is a valid symbol in chord symbols, so it is very poor practice to font design to put a flat sign in that position. Others put the flat sign somewhere else, but not necessarily in the same place. It is in part to solve problems like this that the SMuFL standard was developed.

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