videotutorial's greek subtitles are corrupted

• Nov 23, 2015 - 20:30

Hi all,
maybe this is the wrong place to ask my question... be kind...

I am translating the "MuseScore in Minutes" video-tutorial's subtitles to greek language and I am happy to see these in musescore's website.

But there is a problem. In every translated video (six since now), greek subtitles are stopped at about the second minute (eg at 2:29 in the first video and so on). This is not happening when I choose other languages...

I can't find out whether there is a problem in any translated strings or anything else...
any ideas about this ??



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Hi again
I cannot find any patterns of special greek characters at the point each video's captions stops... (eg ί ύ ...), to get an idea of what causes this.
Nor I see any issue in the TransifexYoutubeCaptionUploader's github page.

Do you think that I should create an issue there, or you can test some more techie things from your side (musescore + transifex infrastructure) ??


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Hi again!
I have finished translating subtitles of the MuseScore in Minutes video series, finally.
I also translated the proper website strings on the greek version of musescore's website.

All these because I find this is a good place, where everyone (specially my students...) can quickly go there and find this series of videos.

Is there any luck with the problem described above ?
As far as I can see, it still remains. For all of those eleven videos, at about the second and a half, through the third and a half minute, greek subtitles just disappear!

If there is anything I can do to help on solving this, please let me know


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