Change Play panel settings by entering numbers

• Nov 26, 2015 - 21:19
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Usability of Play Panel would be greatly improved if start position (measure/beat) could be entered by keyboard, entering the numbers.

Currently you have to drag the cursor using the mouse and this is a very time consuming operation as it is not precise enough, sometimes requiring several attempts with very small mouse movements. Dragging the cursor could be enough for occasional use but not for repeated use.

Any other similar change (i.e. setting tempo by entering the numbers) will also greatly improve usability at very low development cost.

By the way, congratulations for this excellent program!


For me (Linux Mint 17.1) cursor keys only work in the BPM % textbox. Selecting an slider and using the cursor keys does nothing. I only can manage the sliders with the mouse. The two vertical sliders (tempo and volume) also work with the mouse wheel but the horizontal slider (start position) I can only move it by moving the mouse.

Hmm, true, if you begin the action with a clicking, it seems you need to complete it with a drag. But it *does* work to use the Tab key to move leyboard focus to the control, then the arrow keys. The original motivation for making that much work was for the benefit of blind users, for whom Tab would be the normal way to access the controls. But indeed, if it's possible to get it to work after clicking, that would be nice too.

I didn't thought about using Tab for selecting controls. After testing this here are my findings: Open Play panel and press Tab: the horizontal slider gets selected, but cursor keys do nothing. Pressing Tab repeatedly selects the buttons (visual clue displayed), then the textbox for tempo (cursor keys work on it), then the tempo vertical slider (but no visual clue); cursor keys DO WORK on the slider. Press Tab again and the vertical slider for volume gets selected (again no visual clue) and cursor keys work for it. Press Tab again and the horizonal slider gets selected, re-starting the cycle.

So, it seems that the control used for the horizontal slider, has a visual clue associated to its selection, but cursor keys are does not work on it. And with control used for vertical slider it is just the opposite: no visual clue when it is selected but cursor keys can be used for moving the slider.

Hope this helps.