How to get back a toolbar (only) in OSX version

• Dec 3, 2015 - 12:24

I think i found a bug in the mac version of Musescore. My musescore looks now like the screenshot in the attachement. I removed all toolbars but how do i get them back aggain. In the windows version i can right click in the grey arrea on the left of the system menu. But in the mac version there seems to be no way to get that menu with toolbars. There is no way to get them in the system menu. This problem appears only if you remove all toolbars and only in the OSX version.

Maybe there is a way to reset only the layout settings of the program? Or are there shortcuts? Someone on the dutch musescore forum said that cmd+r should reset musescore. Well i tried but nothing happend.

Best Regards, Philip Bergwerf

(the piece in the picture is a pianola composition;-))

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You can use the View menu to bring back the Inspector, and then from there you have a space to right-click on and bring back the toolbars.

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