Lines do not respond to "Reset Positions" when part of range selection

• Dec 4, 2015 - 16:31

It seems to me this is probably a bug report, but sometimes things like this are by design for reasons that are not immediately apparent. The issue at hand is that [Ctrl]+[R]/[Cmd]+[R] applied to a range selection does not affect any lines that are selected. It seems the only way to reset lines is to individually select them. Bug or by design? If the latter, why?


My sense is that this is probably an "accident of" the design rather "by" design. Lines do not actually "belong" to measures and hence are not exactly part of range selections except through some special handstands in the code to find lines that seems like they should belong when it becomes relevant. Those special handstands are probably not included in the implementation of the Reset command.

I'd consider it enough of a bug to be worth submitting as such.

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Thanks. Actually I'm wrong about the reason it works this way. It has to do with the difference between a Spanner (generic internal term for lines that can span systems) and a SpannerSegment (the portion of a spanner on one particular system). And I'm not totally sure this isn't "by design". Still, I tend to agree it feels like reset *should* reset spanners.

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