"MS Songbook" misses crucial options as useful reader.

• Dec 11, 2015 - 10:02

The great advantage of the "MS Songbook" app as reader is that you can transpose imported music. Especially for lead sheets (fake books) this is an optimal feature since you can search download and transpose on the spot. However there are several shortcomings:

1. An "octave changer" is needed for several transpositions.
2. Transpose should (default) be done with single sharps and flats.
3. A PDF export possibility to be able to use the benifits from readers like forScore/MobileSheets.
4. It should except an AirTurn Ped or alike.
5. Files should be importable by iTunes (iPad) or directory's (Androïd).
6. "Discover" searching should show A-Z order (at least optional).


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Yes and no,
@1 and @3 I did also asked for earlier myself, yes, Both are at the todo list.
About @2 and @6 I must have missed the earlier questions and acknowledgement, glad to hear more people did ask for it. I can't find the questions, guess it was asked for Androïd.
No, @4 has never worked for the iPad as acknowledge by lasconic look at:
https://musescore.org/en/node/73996, there is no ETA.
@5 I did ask for here: https://musescore.org/en/node/87651, no response whatsoever!

And all that is desperately needed, to really make this app fly, so summing them again won't harm I guess.

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Great, thanks for the interesting graph. I've seen incidentally double sharp (or flat), but since you think it is a bug I wiil send a detailed sample next time I notice it.

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I did check it but default the transposition is with double sharps (x), also for the chord symbols (##) which looks very odd to me. Also in MuseScore at the PC it is the default, but you can choose single sharps and flats.
This is valid for all the ones I tried. I attached one just try it. Doesn't seem a bug but a choice to me :) I use Ms Songbook at an iPad.
Since my Voyage was a 1.3 version I saved it as a 2.0.2 version but that doesn't change anything.

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