multi-measure-rest in xml-import

• Dec 14, 2015 - 15:34

When I import a sheet from xml, which has a rest of - lets say 3 measures, I get in musescore a measure whith the length of 3 measures; but I don't get a multi-measure-sign, and the measure is only counted as 1 measure.
Is there a possibility to force musescore to createe 3 measures, so I get a rest containing three single measures?

part of the xml-file
measure number="67">
In the other measures a quarter has a duration of 480.

this xml-file gives a measure with 12/4, I would like to get 3 measures with 4/4

Musescore 2.0.2 rev. f51dc11

Thank you!
W. Strehl


Can you post the actual MusicXML file you are having problems with? What software generated it? If I export a file with multimeasure rests from MuseScore then import it, everything workls fine. I don't know enough about the MusicXML spec to know if what you posted is valid or not, but I know MuseScore is *capable* of importing multimeasure rests.

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I scanned the scores with capella-scan 8, and capella-scan generated the xml-file.
The problem is, cap. doesn't create "<"multirest">", it only sets a long duration of the measure.
I add the xml-file.
But I think, you rarely need the feature to import rest-measures with a duration longer than a normal measure.

I add the file

Thank you
Wolfram Strehl

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In which case, I think MsueScore is doing the right thing, it is capella-xcan that is creating the wrong notation. If you can't get them to fix the bug, maybe someone could write a Perl script or some such to correct the input? Otherwise, you could simply delete the bogus measure and insert nerw correct ones.

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