• Dec 16, 2015 - 00:21

I've noticed that, when I re-open a piece I'm working on, the intended tempo
is not saved and I have to go in and re-set it each time. Is there any way to permanently
save my intended tempo to a piece? Also, when I export to MP3, the intended tempo is not saved. Is there a fix for this?


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I found a way accidentally. I clicked on the first note of the music so that it turned blue. Then I clicked on Add, then Text, then Tempo Marking and then the tempo symbol (a quarter note, an equal sign and a number) will be placed above the note you selected. The Tempo will be whatever that number is. You can edit the number to your liking. And you can do that anywhere in the song to change the tempo at that point on. Just select a note (make it blue) and add the new tempo. That tempo will remain until you change it again or until the end of the score. The play panel will change the tempo by a percentage you select or slide to. But this is just a temporary tempo.

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I don't remember any version of MsueScore working that way, but to clear - it was never meant as a feature. The play panel has always been intended for temporary overrides to the actual notated tmepo. When you print your music and give it to musicians toplay, they won't see what's in the play panel, only what's on the score. Thst's why the score is and always has been the proper place to set a permanent tempo for the piece. The play panel is for times you want to hear the score played half speed for practice play-along purposes or whatever - and it scales the entire piece, including any tempo changes within the score. That's why it is expressed as a percentage.

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