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• Dec 19, 2015 - 20:50

I have a number of MuseScore 1.3 lead sheet files written from scratch. What is the simplest way to convert these to the Jazz Lead Sheet template provided with MuseScore 2?


Open that 2.0 leashes template, save is style, close it. Open your 1.x score in 2.0, load the style saved earlier. You now may need to select various texts and use the reset to Style in Inspector

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Having tried this I can confirm that it works. However it is rather tedious to have to go through all the various elements, select them and click on Reset to Style. I wonder if there is any support for the idea of including a Reset All Elements to Style functionality.

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Definitely, attach the score and precise steps to reproduce to issue. I've never seen it *not* work either and am having trouble imaginging how it could fail. So be sure to describe also what happens - or fails to hapen - to make you suspect it isn't working correctly. It really should be as simple as right clicking on element, then clicking "Select" and then "All similar elements" in the pop up menu, and this should select all similar elements (you'll see them turn blue. Perhaps you are trying to use the Reset button in Text Properties instead of the one in the Inspector - if so, *that's* your problem. You ened the one in the Inspector in order to affect multiple elements.

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Well yes, right clicking is the *first* step, but then you have to click Select and the All similar elements from the popup menu, as explained above. Are you neglecting to do that? Or are you perhaps not actually *right* clicking and so you are not seeing the popup menu? Your Mac probably doesn't have a physical right button to click, so be sure you are using the proper gesture to simulate a right click.

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Marc, I think I have solved the problem. I have been right-clicking with a 3-button mouse and clicking Select - All SImilar Elements in the pop-up menu as you describe. But I have been holding down the right mouse button when the pop-up menu appears and keeping it held down while clicking on Select - Select All Similar Elements. In this case only the element originally selected is selected. However if instead I release the right mouse button when the pop-up menu appears and then click on Select - Select All Similar Elements, all the elements are selected as they should be. The same also works if I use Ctrl-Left mouse button to simulate a right click. But curiously, in this case it doesn't make any difference whether I release the Ctrl key or not before clicking Select - Select All Similar Elements.
The failure to achieve the desired result if the Right mouse button is held down while selecting from the pop-up menu does seem to be a feature of MuseScore - I have tried several other programmes but so far have not found another one where holding down the Right mouse button when selecting an item nested within a pop-up contextual menu doesn't result in the desired response.

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