Globally inserting fingering to specific locations

• Dec 22, 2015 - 15:35

In a guitar score, when I use the right hand fingering "p i m a c" functions, the letters always appear on the top of the notes. Good. That's exactly where I want them.

But when I input the left hand fingering numbers "1 2 3 4", they tend to often get placed next to the notes. I know I can drag them to a different place once they are there, but is there a way I can set up preferences, so that they will always appear at the bottom of each note when I input them?

By the way, this is a really great, intuitive, program that gives me everything I could ever want. Thanks for creating this product.



LH Guitar fingerings are *supposed* to appear to the left of notes - that' the correct/standard location as established by traditional music engraving practice. Do you have some special reason to want them elsewhere? Anyhow, you can do this to some extent by right cicking one, selecting Text Style, and changing the horizontal and vertical offsets. But it won't be possible to come up with values that work in cases - the specific amount of offset required iwill differ from note to note depending on stem direction and length.

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Thanks so much for your workaround. I am putting in the left and right hand finger markings in Carcassi Study in A minor, op. 60, no. 7, which is nothing more than a series of 16th notes. Because they are so close together, it makes it much easier for me to read if the LH fingerings are shown below the notes, and the RH fingerings above the notes. Even if I make the measures wider, it's still easier to read (for me) if they are above and below.

I'm not publishing the work, just trying to learn to play it, so correct/standard location is not an issue for me. The tempo is quarter note = 138, so it's important to learn the fingerings of both hands before I start increasing the tempo. Listening to the midi play it up to tempo is humbling. I'm 68 years old, and I'm thinking I will be 80 before I can play it that fast!!

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