Reprise with a different beginning

• Dec 23, 2015 - 12:58

I'd like to make a score with a reprise, and a different beginning the second time, I don't really know how to do that, here is my try in a joined file !

I also tried with the 2 and 1 indications inverted, won't work as well.

Thanks for your help !

EDIT: as this may look confusing:
-the 2nd time bar should not be played the first time
-the first time bar should not be played the second time.

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Hmm, I am not sure how you are adding the repeat barline, but it does not seem to be correct. I can see information in the file that suggests you did try to add a start repeat somehow, but it is not the way it is supposed to look. You should be adding the start repeat barline from the Barlines palette - either drag it to measure 2, or select measure 2 then double click it in the palette (or select the barline itself and double click). It looks like maybe you tried using the Inspector to change a regular barline into a start repeat barline. That isn't really supposed to work, and is normally disabled in most situations. Somehow it seems you got around that. Can you describe more specifically how you added this? It's probably a bug that whatever you did appeared to work.

Anyhow, if you add correctly from the palette, all should be well.

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I dragged it from the barlines palette :) I don't know what the Inspector is. I tried it in an empty file, it worked perfectly. Maybe it had something to do with the volta, as I deleted an existing one near the ghost barline.

It looks like the same problem Jojo-Schmidtz had when he wanted to upload the files btw. On my side, if it happens again, I'll properly report it, step by step !

EDIT: When I closed the program and started it again, the barline had disappeared, and I could properly add it.

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I can tell you that the barline is there in the bad version, but stored improperly - it's an attrribute of the individual abrlines rather than of the measure as it should be So it looks like someone tried to force each each specific barlibe, staff by staff, to *look* like a start repeat, while not actually setting the measure to be a start repeat. I've never heard of this happening before, so I guess it must be something odd about how you both went about it, or maybe something odd about the original file.

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