Musescore Repeatedly Lagging

• Dec 25, 2015 - 17:59

I was working with a piano arrangement of the song "You Will Know Our Names" from Xenoblade Chronicles. I played it back, and it keeps lagging/stuttering here. music.PNG

What's strange is that Musescore seems to have no problem with any other scores I've worked on, and Musescore has been the only program running. I've tried even turning of my antivirus, as it has affected my performance with other programs in the past. I'm running a pretty new machine with Windows 10, 4GB Ram, etc. so I don't see what the problem is. Just those measures on their own play fine but if playing more than those two it lags.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Both your attachments play fine for me on Windows 10. (16GB ram, though)

Have you tried closing, then re-starting MuseScore?
...or shutting down, then restarting your computer?

Maybe it's a fragmented file/drive access problem - try copying the file to a different location and then see if it plays correctly.


I know it may not help, Running Windows 7 with 2gb ram, your score played a number of times with no stutter, tried a few times with other programs open, and still no stutter.
Could there be a system issue somewhere?

Edit: Just tried it on my laptop, Win 10, 4 gb ram, again, no stutter on playback.
Sorry, can't help.

PS. like the melody of the piece.

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