How do I this type of fancy ending?

• Feb 9, 2011 - 15:39

I am transcribing a piano solo audio recording. The piece ends with a rallentando that transitions at the end of the measure into a accelerated 25-note flourish that runs up the keyboard. Is there a way to stuff a lot of notes into a measure without having to work about making them "fit" in the measure duration, or do I have to use notation that fits perfectly into the defined measure duration?


I think the easiest way is to insert/append a measure just for that roulade. You will indeed have to make the notes fit the measure's duration, but the entire run can be notated as one big tuplet. That's what I did here:


The run is a 28-note tuplet of eighth notes, created via Notes > Tuplets > Other and entering a relation of 28/8.

I then made all the notes small, edited the Tuplet Properties to have the number display as "nothing," and set the preceding bar line to be invisible. (It's shown here in grey.)

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That's probably how I'd do it in this case too, but I would like to mention another feature that might be useful in other cases is the facility to have a different "nominal" versus "actual" number of beats in a measure - right click a measure and select Measure Properties and you'll see a way to set this. So by setting nominal to 4 but actual to, say, 13, you could make 26 eighth notes display in a single measure. But for an arpeggio, I suspect you'd get better results in terms of spacing and beaming using the tuplet method.

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