harmonic analsyis/roman numerals

• Feb 9, 2011 - 16:24

I'd like to be able to add roman numerals below the bass clef on a piano score, notated as they are in harmonic analysis, e.g. with inversion type, diminshed symbol etc , like at the below link:


How do I do that in MuseScore? Thanks.


If I needed to do this (and I fully expect to), I'd probably do it as either lyrics or chord symbols, and then I'd go about finding a suitable font - there are probably several out there.

Install the attached font (free with Finale Notepad).
Restart MuseScore.

Set lyrics (odd and even) font to Finale Numerics under Style>Edit Text Style...
18 point size works well for me.
If symbols are too high or low, adjust Lyrics Margins under Style>Edit General Style...>Page.

Type chords into lyrics. To get superscript numbers, press shift.
Numbers characters have zero width, so they appear above each other.
Half diminished and diminished symbols are j and k and are also (confusingly) zero width. To add a 7 to a diminished symbol, press the ~ key (it's like a space), then shift+7.

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Have you checked the copyright and licensing status of this font?

By ripping it off from a Finale installation and then using it in MuseScore a composer could end up with a law suit for breach of copyright, if it does not have PD or Creative Commons licensing status.

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A few points:

- I assume the new figured bass facility for 2.0 will render this moot
- I wonder if the font developed used for that facility is usable with 1.3 as plain text?
- I wonder if the Finale & Sibelius folks realize that installing their demos (or free version for Finale Notepad) gives you full access to their fonts? I take advantage of this fact all the time, not to actually use the fonts in production, but just for testing & comparison purposes

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You can also set a new Text Style with Finale Numerics, like "Harmonic Analysis" as a new name, so you don't need to change"Lyrics". Then you can put any kind of text, for instance, and go to the inspector chaging the Style to "Harmonic Analysis". I think it's very helpful.

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