Supporting function-notation

• Dec 21, 2009 - 21:22
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

To make MuseScore really, really useful to teaching Choral harmonizing in gymnasium in Denmark (where I teach) support of function-harmonic notation (don't know the correct English term) would be a killer feature rendering all other notation software obsolete.
The ability to choose stuff like

D (for dominant)
D/ (slashed over the D)
64D (where 64 is above each other in small chars before the D)
Sp (for subdominant-parallel, where the p is small and below the S)

would be amazing. I could provide a complete list of these functions, but you probably know them already.

As you don't have a "bounty"-feature here I can promise a 100€ donation for this feature. Actually a page with wishes and prices would not be a bat idea, I'm sure I could get my school (or myself) to increase donations considerably for specifik features.

Best regards
Morten, Denmark


It's true it cannot (currently) be expeceted to support any kind of strange notational needs and a simple svg-symbol integration would do quite much of the trick :)
Two things would be nice, though:
1. A way a packaging those in a userfriendly was for distribution
2. A nice way of specifying the positioning of them. Like "always beneath chords and horizontally adjusted" or something...

But especially 2. is a "nice to have"... 1. would be very practical for educational purposes


I agree that support for functional analysis, as well as figured bass and roman numeric analysis (step-analysis), would make musescore a very useful tool for teaching. These three types of analysis are common in different type of music and would be a really great addition to an already great program.

Even on a rudimentary level, being able to detect parallel 5th and octaves would be very useful for students doing their 4 part harmony homework. Particularly for those students just starting out.

That was my most common mistake when I was taking theory. It would have been awesome to have this program then, especially if it would catch my mistakes before I submitted my compositions!