Ontime/offtime offset values -- what exactly are they measured in?

• Feb 13, 2011 - 08:35

When ontime/offtime offset type is set to "user," what units of measurement are being used? For example, if I input a value of 100, am I delaying the note-on message by 100... ticks? Milliseconds? Something else?

When ontime/offtime offset type is set to "offset," I can see that we're working with percentages... but percentages of what exactly? A percentage of the note length? A percentage of the tempo? Something else?

This isn't explained in the local handbook (or online... even through a Google search).


The "user" values used by these fields and by the plugin architecture is documented here .

I agree that this piece of information is difficult to locate; in general, MuseScore dialogue boxes are rather poorly documented. Anyone can help with this?

About "offset" values, I assume they are percentage of the note duration (50% of a crochet should result in a quaver of sound and a quaver of silence), but I never use them, so I cannot be sure.


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Thanks for that link! I've been saving to standard MIDI, importing the file into REAPER and measuring against the piano roll editor's grid and the results have been consistent with that chart. Things didn't go as expected for "offset" (percentage) values, however. 50% on a crochet resulted in a demi-semiquaver delay instead of a quaver. Either a bug somewhere or a different system of measurement is used when dealing with percentages. So, "user" values it shall be.

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The numbers are rather cryptic. Documenting them isn't really a good solution since you would still have to look the numbers up every time. A graphical timeline slider (in the UI) would probably work better than these internal numbers.

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I agree that the current values for "user" ontime/offtime offsets are cryptic and the interface should be changed.

However, a slider is not the best solution, at least for me, because it either lacks precision or requires too much time to achieve the intended result. I find entering numbers both quicker and more precise.

The point is which numbers. A solution easy to understand and to implement would be using a real percentage: set to 66 and get 2/3 of sound and 1/3 of silence and so on.


To make 8'th notes swing (in playback mode online) you can do the following.

A quarter note is 100%. Two straight eight-notes is 50% each. But a swing-feel requires the first note to be around 2/3 and the latter 1/3.

You can do it like this:

Set the first 8'th note like this:

ontime offset type: offset
ontime offset: 0%
offtime offset type: offset
offtime: 66%

And the second 8'th like this:

ontime offset type: offset
ontime offset: 34%
offtime offset type: offset
offtime: -66%

It is very important to change the second 8'th note end-length to minus 66%, as the last triplet-feel 8'th note will "clip" the sound of the next-coming note in playback mode.

It is a little tricky, but it works.

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