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• Jan 5, 2016 - 20:40

I was thinking about making a feature request, but decided to first see if maybe I'm the only one that feels this way... and also there might be a workaround that I'm not aware of.

The problem I have during note entry is the way the snapshot on the screen always jumps ahead to the next system when the last note of a particular voice is input. This is especially irritating when working with 4 part harmony. It is compounded in my case by the fact that the navigator in MuseScore2 is not as easy to use (for me) as it was in MuseScore1.

First of all, is there some sort or setting to prevent this behaviour? Secondly, does this bother anyone else? For me it is a major PITA.


For this type of note entry, switching to the "new" (for 2.0, so almost a year old now) Continuous view is probably the way to go. See the drop down me u in the toolbar (default is Page view).

Not sure what you arefinding different about the navigator - it's virtually unchanged. But I wouldn't normally be using it for this sort of thing. For small movements of the score, the mouse scroll wheel or the page up / down buttons are more efficient. Or in this case, while in note entry and wishing to return to the previous measure for whatever reason, just cursoring backwards would be simplest.

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You wrote:
'... the navigator in MuseScore2 is not as easy to use (for me) as it was in MuseScore1.'
' might be because I am now using a different computer, a laptop, which has a much smaller screen viewing area.'

Be advised that you can increase/decrease the size of the Navigator by dragging it's border (the line which separates it from the score) up/down.
So... if the Navigator looks smaller on your laptop screen than on your (presumably larger) desktop screen, you can adjust it accordingly.


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